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Film introduction

Discover Australia

Jumping from the airplane, flying through the clouds and following paragliders,
you will be soaring over the most iconic landmarks of Australia such as the Great Barrier Reef,
the Twelve Apostles, and Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain. Chasing hopping kangaroos,
driving fast steamboats, enjoying lone motorcycle rides,
you will become immersed in the most authentic Australian experience.
Whether you have been or not,
you will be able to experience a different culture and landscapes through Discover Australia.

Discover America
At 3.8 million square miles,
America is home to many different ethnic groups and some of the world’s most stunning wilderness.
The value of freedom and democracy has inspired many people to pursue the American Dream.
Coast to coast, valley floor to mountain top,concreate jungle to wild west,
i-Ride takes you on a 10,000 miles journey from an eagle’s perspective,
overlooking land of the free and home of the brave.

Fly High Over Taiwan

Three years in planning and filming  Fly over 20 stunning sceneries in Taiwan
i-Ride takes riders soar through the island’s most magnificent
views from above and underwater, providing tourist a whole 
new perspective when travelling in Taiwan


1. For purchasing Kaohsiung citizen and disabled ticket(s), please refer to the purchase regulations to present relevant documents for verification. If the certification cannot be provided, a full fare ticket price will be charged.

2. The venue contains stairs, and you must be able to go on the rides yourself; audience discretion is advised for those inconvenient or those taking wheelchair. For further details, please check in on our official website “Boarding Instructions”.