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Wednesday-Friday ➡️ 09:30-12:00 | 13:00-17:00
Weekend & holiday 09:30~17:00
※Closed on Monday & Tuesday

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Opening Hours

Wednesday-Friday ➡️ 09:30-12:00 | 13:00-17:00
Weekend & holiday 09:30~17:00
※Closed on Monday & Tuesday


Service details

1. For those who have made reservations, please purchase tickets and check in at the counter 30 minutes before the session starts. If check-in is not completed, the reservation will be automatically canceled. (For example: If you have reserved a session from 13:00 to 13:15, please check in at the counter by 12:30.)
2. Starting from December 26, 2023, reservations for sessions on the 14th day and beyond will be open daily. Unreleased movie schedules will be announced on the official Facebook page when reservation times become available.
3. After making the reservation, please go to “Reservation Status/Cancellation” page or your email to check if your reservation is successfully processed.
4. For individual visitors who purchase tickets on site, please wait in line for the nearest available show time.
5. For people who want to buy the concession tickets, please present the valid ID card at the check-in counter.
6. If you have any other questions, please call us at 886-7-537-2858 (Wed.-Sun. 10:00~12:00/ 13:30~17:00, closed on Monday & Tuesday)
or visit Contact us and fill in the form, we will reply to you as soon as possible.


Change/Cancellation of Booking

1. If you would like to change your reservation, you will have to cancel the original reservation first before making a new one.
2. Please go to “Reservation Status/Cancellation” page if you want to check or cancel your reservation.
3. Your reservation cannot be changed or deleted after 5pm the day prior to your visit.
Change/Cancellation of Booking



1. For purchasing Kaohsiung citizen and disabled ticket(s), please refer to the purchase regulations to present relevant documents for verification. If the certification cannot be provided, a full fare ticket price will be charged.

2. The venue contains stairs, and you must be able to go on the rides yourself; audience discretion is advised for those inconvenient or those taking wheelchair. For further details, please check in on our official website “Boarding Instructions”.